The easiest way to contact me is by sending an e-mail to

I still own a telephone and letter box too, though.

My landline:
+49-(0)40-866 452 61

My address:
Kirsten Fischer @ four pea
Fischers Allee 36
22763 Hamburg

A note about my „opening hours“:

Via e-mail you can often reach me until pretty late at night or even over the weekend, since my working hours tend to differ quite significantly from the classic 9 to 5, enabling me to offer clients in other time zones or with urgent projects an adequate service too. However, even my body asks for a break from time to time, therefore it is rather unlikely that you will find me sitting at my desk or answering the telephone in the earlier hours of the morning – unless we fixed an appointment, of course.

In the rare cases that I will be absent from my desk for as long as a whole day, probably making up for a worked-through weekend, all e-mails reaching my inbox on such days will be answered with an automatic out-of-office notice.

A note about enquiries and quotations:

In order to be able to send you a concrete offer, I will need to cast a glance at the document you would like me to translate, proofread or edit. If that is not possible, exact information about the text volume will usually lead to a pretty precise price estimate as well. In case of translations this means: the number of words in the source document, and in case of editing and proofreading tasks: the number of characters including spaces.

I cannot prepare an offer on the basis of page numbers, though – there are always some particularly „clever“ individuals who end up sending me documents densely plastered in a 5-point font, insisting on a „normal“ price per page. I’d rather not expose myself to this risk and the entailing discussions anymore.