four pea offers professional German proofreading, copy editing & translations:

I am a native German proofreader, copy editor and translator with a particular passion for written marketing communication such as advertising, PR and promotion copy as well as websites.

However, being German and therefore, inevitably, terribly pedantic, I also have a natural predisposition for proofreading and editing any other type of business communication – actually, I just love proofreading annual reports. Honestly.

As far as translations are concerned, I keep telling my clients that I will only translate from English to German, because I find that translators achieve the best results if they translate into the language they are exposed to from dusk till dawn, seven days a week. But there are always those who won’t listen and still ask me regularly to translate their texts from German to English. So I guess, after all, I am not too bad at that either.

four pea’s clients & their industry sectors:

My clients are large and small agencies and companies from around the world, ranging from start-ups to worldwide market leaders and covering a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including nail design and fashion, IT and consumer electronics as well as logistics and fleet management, to name but a few.

four pea’s core competencies:

I am able to quickly familiarize myself with new topics and target audiences as well as their linguistic peculiarities, so, luckily, I can edit and proofread virtually any kind of business document or website from any industry sector.

My main strengths are a combination of accuracy and linguistic creativity, combined with a fair share of German market and marketing knowledge – a welcome remnant of my previous life as a product manager. This combination of strengths enables me to produce not only precise one-to-one translations, but also complex transcreations and adaptations of marketing copy to its German target audience.

A particular speciality of mine are projects involving „a little bit of everything“: some translation work, some heavy editing and/or rewriting tasks and some – or even final – proofreading. Great!

Eight reasons why my clients keep coming back to me:

My aim is not only to deliver a text free from mistakes and on time, but also to make sure that this text communicates my client’s message in a most effective way. This aim may not lead to the shortest delivery times and the lowest prices, but it definitely results in the qualities that my clients appreciate about my work:

1. I work with great precision and diligence.

2. Reliability is my second nature – I always keep my deadlines.

3. Unless instructed otherwise, I thoroughly consider all aspects of a text, i.e. I do not just translate a given text or check it in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation, but I also look carefully at its contents to identify problems like contradictions, ambiguities, vague or unclear passages.

4. I unrelentlessly ask for clarification if something is ambiguous or not clear to me – or if it might not be clear to the future reader of a text.

5. My working hours are flexible – if required, I will also work until late at night or at the weekend. Without surcharges.

6. I pay great attention to style and clarity. If I discover inappropriate words, too long or complicated sentences, an overuse of passive voice and such like, I do not just mark those passages, but suggest concrete phrases to optimize them.

7. I have an excellent feel for the German language (so I have been told), a vast active vocabulary and a helpful helping of linguistic creativity.

8. I can also tackle projects involving a mix of proofreading, editing, rewriting and translation tasks that exceed the scope of specialized proofreaders, copy editors, translators or copy writers.

Last but not least: four pea offers special rates for start-ups

four pea has a heart for start-ups (and, admittedly, hopes to start up some long-term collaborations that way): until the end of their first year in operation, start-ups only have to pay an hourly rate of 30 euros net (plus the legally prescribed VAT) for all proofreading, copy editing or translation tasks involving at least five hours of invoiceable work.